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How many types of logging trucks can we produce?

There're many friends who come to ask that how many types of logging trucks can you produce?

Here now, I will introduce those types of China logging trucks that can be produced by our company.

For wood transport, there are mainly two types. The first one is the roundwood or wood board. For the two types of wood transport, we will produce different types.

Wood board transport trailer:

To transport the wood board, we can use the flatbed trailer with bunks, the banks on the flatbed trailer it can protect the wood board while transporting. Because in most of the forest, the density of wood stays on a big level, we suggest our customers think about the heavy-duty type with the payload of 60-70 tons. This type of flatbed trailer is different from the one that we used for container transport, it's more suitable for the heavy wood board transport.

Round wood transport truck:

For the round wood transport, we can use the flatbed trailer with bunks for transporting, the flatbed trailer with bunks that is produced by our company is able to finish the round wood transport on normal roads.

Of course that normally when we cut the woods, we need a truck to transport the round woods to our parking, and then, we will need the logging truck to transport. The logging truck that is produced by our company adapt the 32-ton FUWA bogie suspension and 16-ton double axles(FUWA) to guarantee the transporting ability for the logging trucks in our company.

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