HUABANG SPECIAL VEHICLE was founded in 2005 and is dedicated to special vehicle design, production, and sales. Located in the economic development Zone, Xuzhou, is the key project of our city. 


    With more than 380 employees in our company 40 of which are experienced engineers for different kinds of semi-trailers make our team is more suitable for different kinds of semi-trailer production. We've been committed to special trailers such as wind energy transport trailers, logging trucks, modular trailers, etc. for more than 10 years, and we've earned enough experience for special vehicle production. Our main products include modular trailers, windmill blade transport adaptor trailers, extendable flatbed windmill blade trailers, wind hub transport trailers, Schnabel hub trailers, girder bridge trailers, low bed & lowboy trailers, stake cargo trailers, etc. 

Purchase department : 

 Huabang Special Vehicle Co., Ltd focuses on producing high-quality heavy-duty semi-trailers for our customers. We have an excellent design engineer team for a better-producing program, in order to meet our production program, we have a good purchase team who majored to purchase high-quality products for our production. Spare parts include Fuwa axles, Double corn tires, high-strength steel such as T700, Q560, and Q345 carbon steel, brand short axles, different models of cylinders for trailer use, hydraulic landing leg, etc. All the good quality spare parts provide us the confidence to make all vehicles a much better quality. 


Marketing center: 

    Our marketing center includes two main offices which are the marketing department and the sales department. Marketing department in charge of market research, marketing designing, and annual marketing plan. Sales department in charge of different market selling. The multi-selling group in charge of Chinese mainland selling including Chinese customers and the international trading company. International sales group in charge of international customers from different countries. All groups cooperating together make our company stronger and stronger. 


QC department: 

   QC department is one of our main departments, it guarantees us the quality of our products. QCC makes up of company leaders, engineers, and workshop staff. Different QCCs helps each other to make our production procedure work properly and product of good quality. 

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