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What is extendable trailer?

What is extendable trailer?


    The extendable trailer is a kind of semi-trailer that is used for oversized cargo transportation. There’re different types of the extendable trailer which is specially designed for different cargo. Here follow we will introduce the details about the extendable trailers.

  • Extending types of extendable trailers.

    The universal extendable trailer includes a side extendable trailer and a length extendable trailer(front extendable trailer & rear extendable trailer).


  • Low bed trailer section:

    Side Extendable Trailer. The side extendable trailer normally is a low bed trailer/low loader trailer, this kind of low bed trailer is used for width oversized cargo transportation, such as oversized bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader, etc.

    In order to reduce the shipping cost(fit into the 40HQ or 45HQ containers), some of the low bed trailers we will design to side extending too. With a width of 2500mm, it can be charged into the containers, with 250-500 side extending, the width of the trailer can be 3000-3500mm width which can meet almost universal cargo transportation.

    For oversized cargo(width more than 4 meters), the width of the trailer needs to be 4000mm or more. But in most countries, there’re restrictions on the with of semi-trailers. Even if we applied for the special transport license, we can transport only that cargo. In order to solve this problem, we will make a side extending trailer on the working platform. In this way, the low bed trailer is able to transport the cargo in normal size under the transport restrictions and also the oversized cargo.

    A working platform extending trailers is widely used on low-bed trailers. The extending working platform is suitable for different oversized cargo with different lengths of transportation. The extending type for the low bed trailer is usually on the working platform. For low bed trailers, the extending of the platform is based on the box main beams, double beams extending low bed trailer rated payload is loading capacity when closed. While extending, the loading capacity will decline according to the extending length.

    Normally after extension, the length of the low bed trailer can not be longer than 30000mm of the safety concern. The length extendable low bed trailer is usually used for the length oversized cargo transportation, but the rated payload of the low bed trailer requires the cargo can not to be too heavy. For the super heavy oversized cargo transportation, we suggest a modular trailer with the transporting frame/beam which is specially designed for the heavy oversized cargo transportation.


  •  Extendable flatbed trailer section:

    Obviously, the extendable flatbed trailer is produced on the basis of flatbed trailers. The extendable flatbed trailer is for relatively lightweight cargo but oversized on-length transportation. For the flat type extendable trailer, there’re two types too.

  •     Double beam extendable trailer.

    The double beams type flatbed trailer is a normal container transport trailer with a box beam for an extension. This type of trailer is for the length within 30 meters(light weight type)transportation. This type of trailer can not be used for windmill blade(turbine) transportation. The trailer length when closed is normally between 12500mm to 20000mm, after extended, the length of the trailer can be from 20000mm to 30000mm.

  • Single beam extendable trailer.

    The signal beam extending type trailers is widely used on super long cargo transportation, the representative cargo is the windmill blade. The windmill blade/ turbine length is usually between 45-90 meters(special design wind turbine excepted). The extendable windmill blade transport trailer has several types according to the length of the blade that will be transported. Double extend, triple extend or multiple extensions are used for different lengths of blade transporting. For types of extendable blade trailers please refer to the following pictures. Most of the extendable windmill blade trailers from our company are specially designed according to the customer’s requirement. 

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