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What's the difference between the high bed trailer and low bed trailer?

The difference between high bed trailer and low bed trailer

What's the difference between a high bed trailer and a low bed trailer?

The difference between the high bed trailer and low bed trailer is mainly on the working platform and the usage. The low bed trailer is a kind of machinery transport use trailer with a much lower working platform, with a high range of 400mm to 1200 mm which is also called the lowbed trailer, lowboy trailer, machinery transport trailer, equipment transport trailer, etc. The high of the working platform for low bed trailer usually depends on the loading capacity and the equipment that will be transported. The high bed trailer that we usually said is a type of flatbed trailer. The flatbed trailer has several types too, including the 20 ft flatbed trailer, 40 ft flatbed trailer, and the extendable flatbed trailer for multi-usage.

Low Bed Trailer:

Low bed trailer has several types including normal type low bed trailer, heavy-duty low bed trailer, dual lane axle low bed trailer, detachable low bed trailer, extendable type low bed trailer, modular type low bed trailer, etc. Here below, let check on these types of low bed trailers one by one.

Normal type low bed trailer:

This normal-type low bed trailer is the most popular type low bed trailer with a loading capacity from 20 - 80 tons, the low bed trailer equipped with 2-4 axles, model for 13-20 ton axels. Usually equipped with the spring ladders for the machines such as the wheel loaders, excavators, or some different types of wheeled machines transportation. The high of the working platform is various from 1000mm to 1200mm.

Heavy-duty type low bed trailer:

Heavy-duty low bed trailer is almost the same as the normal type low bed trailers, only comes with a higher loading capacity normally from 80 tons to 140 tons. This type of low bed trailer is a cost-effective type low bed trailer, usually used for those countries which don't have the special requirements on the axles load and the off-road working environment.

Dual lane axles low bed trailers:

The main specification for the dual-lane low bed trailer is its axles. The dual-lane axle low bed trailer equipped with the short axles, each line has two short axles with 8 sets of tires and rims. This type of low bed trailer is usually used for super heavy equipment transportation. The working platform length will be designed according to the machines that will be transported, tire covered, or exposed types.

Detachable low bed trailer:

Detachable low bed trailer is a specially designed type of low bed trailer without ladders on the rear, it's a front-loading type low bed trailer. This type of low bed trailer has a super low working platform, normally on 400mm. This design is used for super heavy equipment transportation. Normally over 100 tons. It's an oversized transportation low bed trailer with a width of 3000mm to 4000mm, the length is normally 16000-17000mm. The detachable low bed trailer can be designed according to the customers' special requirement.

Extendable low bed trailer:

The extendable low bed trailer is a kind of special low bed trailer which is designed for the oversized cargo delivery. This type of low bed trailer usually doesn't have the ladder, because it's special used for the heavy equipment transportation such as the wind tower transport. Extending low bed trailer usually has two types, it's width-extendable and length-extendable, two types. The side extending type low bed trailer is usually used for the width oversized cargo delivery, the width of the extending low bed trailer is different from 3000mm to 5000mm. Length extending type low bed trailer is used for the length of oversized cargo delivery. The length after extended can be up to 25000mm. The special type is the width and length both extendable low bed trailers, usually used for wind tower transportation.

Modular trailer:

The modular trailer is a combination of all types of low bed trailers. With dual-lane axles, super low working platform, equipment transportation, module splicing, height adjustable. The only difference from the special trailer is the modular trailer can not be extended. The types of modular trailers including Nicolas type, Goldhofer type, adapted type of trailers. Different types of modular trailers have their own usage. Specially designed for oversized heavy equipment transportation, loading capacity can be up to 500 tons or more.

High Bed Trailer:

Generally speaking, the reason that we call it the high bed trailer is its height of the working platform. The working platform is high than the low bed trailer, the height is normally on 1400-1650mm, the flat type normally. The types including 20 ft high bed trailer, 40 ft high bed trailer, 45 ft high bed trailer, and length extendable type high bed trailer.

20 ft high bed trailer:

The 20 ft high bed trailer is also called a 20 ft container trailer, flatbed trailer, container transport trailer, etc. Mainly used for 20 ft container transportation, this is a most simple type high bed trailer. The 20 ft high bed trailer has 4 sets of container locks that are designed for the 20 ft container transport only.

40 ft High bed trailer:

The 40 ft high bed trailer is designed with 12 sets of container locks which is widely used for 20 and 40 ft containers transport, also used for bulk cargo delivery too. Also called the container transport trailer or normal type flatbed trailer.

Extendable high bed trailer:

The extendable flatbed trailer is a special type of flatbed trailer for over-length cargo delivery, different kinds of towers, different kinds of windmill turbine blades, different kinds of steel structures can be delivered by this type of extendable trailer, that's why we call it the extendable wind turbine transport trailers. The self-steering turntable or airbag steering axles guarantees the steering of the trailer while transported. The turntable or the airbag steering axles can reduce the turning radius as much as possible.

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