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What's the wind turbine blade trailer?

The usage for the wind turbine blade trailer:

The wind turbine blade trailer is a subdivided variety of special vehicle which is used for the wind turbine transportation from the producing factory to the construction plant. The usual type is normally extendable type no matter on adapter trailer or flatbed trailer, the extendable part is necessary.

The types of wind turbine blade trailer:

There're normally two types of wind turbine transport trailers, the extendable type flatbed trailer for the blade transport and wind blade adapter trailer for off-road transportation.

1. Extendable flatbed trailer. This is a special type of flatbed trailer because that it's extendable. The total length of the extendable flatbed trailer can be up to 55 meters or more according to the blade that needs to be transported. The extendable blade flatbed trailer is able to extend 3-4 times according to the transportation requirement. Front part 3 times extendable and rear 1 time of extending makes this type of wind turbine blade trailer more popular on blade transport on normal roads. For this kind of trailer, the axles that normally used are the self-steering axles to make the turning while transport convenient.

2. Wind turbine blade adapter trailer. This is a type of specially designed semi-trailer for off-road transporting. The wind turbine blade adapter trailer comes with two main parts. The chassis is a dual lane short axles low bed trailer normally from 3 dual-lane to 4 dual-lane axles which means that there're 6-8 axles used for the low bed trailer. On the top is an adapter for the wind turbine blade. The blade adapter that is designed is able to lift the blade up to 38°, and the rotor plate for the blade adapter trailer is 360° turning, Which means that the blade is able to turn to any angle according to the road condition. Of course that this type of wind turbine adapter trailer can not be running fast because of its karb weight and the blade that is transported.

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