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Are the tires on your semi-trailer suitable?

Today, let's talk about the tires for tires. Are you in the area of a heavy truck trailer transport area? Maybe. But do you have a car? Most of us will say yes. The tires are everywhere in our lift. So we will see, how should we choose tires.
For the tires that are used on the semi-trailers, we usually chose the three longitudinally arranged patterns because that the axles of the semi-trailer are usually not driven axles as the following photo shows. And for the high way of truck driving, we usually choose this pattern. The damage is less and durable.

Each 50,000 km, 100,000km, 200,000 km, we should check on the truck & trailers to see its conditions and then decide to change the tires or not.
Normally the tires that are used by our company for the normal type semi-trailers such as flatbed trailer, low bed trailer, stake cargo trailer are these types of tires.
The tires brand is important too, as we check, there are many different classes of tires in the market. And some of them are below the market price. Because they will use recycled rubber to produce their tires, the cost is less but it's dangerous for transporting and will do harm to our semi-trailers.

We want to provide durable semi-trailers for our customers, so we will choose the goods tires with good brands such as double corn, triangle, or equal brand.
Here above are the tires information, of course, that they're more of which, we just end here to inform you to choose good tires for your trucks, trailers & cars, etc.

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